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Stationary Table Tennis

Family ping pong tournaments in the garden. Tournaments between departments at the office after work. The Stationary ping pong table is a tough, all-terrain model designed for intense play.

The Stationary ping pong table has real character. The wooden legs give it strength and toughness. It invites you to play with no holds barred, to give it all, because you know that it can handle it. Without question, this is an all-terrain ping-pong table.

It’s inspired by the idea of creating a striking design with strong lines and real presence. But this ping pong table has bags of personality in its own right.
It has the dimensions of a standard ping pong table, along with a playing surface, design and structure that offer full playability and stability. Thanks to its high-quality, hardwearing materials, you can enjoy the game both indoors and outdoors. It’s an all-terrain ping pong table designed to last for as many matches as you can ever play.

And if you’re looking for all-round functionality, once you’ve stored the paddles, balls and net, you can use it as dining or conference table.


68 x 70 x 21 in 
Weight: 243 lb


White or Black

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