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Folding Table Tennis

The Folding ping pong table remains discreetly tucked away until it’s called into action, revealing all its charm. It’s a ground-breaking folding ping pong table that combines functionality and design.

With the Folding ping pong table, the phrase “I haven’t got space for a ping-pong table” no longer makes sense. This ping pong table breaks the mold.

Until now, most of the folding ping pong tables in the market have been strictly functional, designed to occupy as little space as possible and be stored away in a corner once the game is over.

The Folding ping pong table restores design to its rightful place, combining the functionality of a folding ping pong table with intense living design. Because design doesn't need to be incompatible with functionality and playability.

The Folding ping pong table has standard ping-pong table measurements, while its surface, design and structure provide total playability, stability and toughness. Just like a professional ping pong table.

What’s more, you no longer need to miss out on playing ping-pong due to a lack of space. Once folded, by means of a simple mechanism located underneath the tabletop, it takes up little space. And you can easily move it to the most convenient spot thanks to its tough all-terrain wheels.

Yes, the Folding ping pong table is an all-terrain item. Thanks to its high-quality, hardwearing and weatherproof materials, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

With the Folding, you can enjoy the most complete sport, the most innovative design and the convenience of foldability. It comes assembled. Ready to unfold and play!


68 x 73 x 32 in 
Weight: 265 lb


White or Black