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Big Buck Hunter Reloaded


Big Buck Hunter Reloaded Celebrates 20 years of the world’s famous favorite hunting game Big Buck Hunter now RELOADED! Big Buck Reloaded has a bunch of new content, New hunting grounds, and new weapons. Check out the new awesome style Big buck hunter Reloaded cabinet with green and orange led t-molding, comes with cup holders to keep you beer from spilling during play,  than you can shake a stick at – including new hunts (Zombie Deer), new weapons (Bow Hunting), and new story-driven campaigns – including In Case of Monsters: Lost Island and Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission! No matter where your adventure takes you, get there faster with a new player-friendly interface – and enjoy it all in a new, eye-catching cabinet design! Get connected and enjoy the competitive online features that made Big Buck Hunter the first name in arcade E sports.


  • Online Leader-boards
  • Install your own monitor or select one of ours 
  • Ships with a standard two slot coin door; DBA & card swipe compatible
  • Home use Online Version requires $39.99 subscription
  • Business use(charge per play) requires subscription pay per play
  • Offline use version can be used for home or business use without subscription, the game can be set to coin play or free play.
  • Family-friendly game play
  • High-reliability Electronics
  • Dynamic color-changing LED’s
  • Cutting edge graphics and sound
  • Coin Door that accepts quarters
  • Comes with Keys for coin doors
  • You can set this machine to be free play, or if you are using this game for commercial/business you can use the on-screen menu to change the setting from free play to Coin Play 
  • Custom Provides Their Own Flat Screen
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Product Weight: 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 86" H x 32" W x 52" D