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540 ITTF Table Tennis

Offering excellent value for money, the 540 ITTF table tennis table is enough to get you playing in the big league. With its 22mm tabletop and its Skiltop coating that guarantees optimal speed and transmission of spin, the 540 ITTF delivers a very high level of performance. Officially approved by the ITTF. This table offers a very good bounce thanks to a 22mm panel. Indoor panels are made of chipboard and offer good bounce properties.  The patented "Compact Technology®" system ensures optimum safety, easy movement and minimizes storage space requirements. 4 large ball bearing wheels with 2 brakes. Excellent mobility and leaves no mark on the floor. The frame is made of a zinc and aluminum alloy. This 50mm thick structure ensures the perfect flatness. Adjustable leg pads to get a perfectly flat playing surface. Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease. The net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimizing storage space and providing better safety when stored. The 540 ITTF is designed for the perfect family ping pong tournaments.