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Rivaliciously Riveting Arcade Classics Cocktail Table

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Author : Passionately Rivalicious
Date : 06 February, 2012
Arcade Classics Cocktail Table
Riveting Competition for Rivalicious Fans, Families,
Watch Parties,Tailgates and Companies!

The Arcade Classic Cocktail Table is designed like the original
table arcade games that you remember playing in the 1980’s.
Commercial Quality Components and Modern State-Of-The-Art
Electronics provide Authentic graphics, sounds and action just like
the original and will last for decades. Each Cocktail Table is protected
with the Highest Quality Tempered Glass Top, which can be customized, featuring Officially Licensed Graphics of your favorite NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, or Company Logo. A new 21” Authentic 15kz Arcade Monitor is manufactured in each Cocktail Table for the exact reproduction of graphics. Commercial Four-Way Arcade Quality Joysticks and Buttons give each Player(s) the “feel” of solid, smooth, and controlled game movement. The Arcade Classics Cocktail Table adds a delightful ambience to any room. 

NFL Teams

Bengals, Broncos, Chargers, Colts, Cowboys, Eagles, Falcons, Giants, 
Packers, Panthers, Patriots, Raiders, Ravens, Redskins, Saints, Seahawks,
Steelers, & Titans

NBA Teams

Bulls, Celtics, Kinds, Knicks, Lakers, Mavericks, Nets, & Pistons

MLB Teams

Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Mets, Phillies, Rangers, Red Sox, Tigers, White Sox,
& Yankees


The following popular Game Packages are Pre-Loaded into the Arcade Classics Cocktail Table, which can either allow Free Play or Accept Coins.


Classic Game Collection 1 with Galaga®, Xevious®, Mappy®, Dig Dug®, Pac Man®, Rally X®, Ms Pac-Man®, Galaga®, Pac-Man®, Space Invaders®, Qix®, Donkey Kong®, Donkey Kong Jr®, Centipede®, Millipede®, 1942®, 1943®, 1943 KAI®, Amidar®, Arkanoid®, Bomb Jack®, Congo Bongo®, Crush Roller®, Dig Dug 2®, Donkey Kong 3®, Frogger®, Galaga 3®, Galaxian®, Gunsmoke®, Gyruss®, Hustler®, JR Pac-Man®, Jumping Jack®, Juno First®, King and Balloon®, Ladybug®, Moon Cresta®, Mr. Do®, Mr. Do’s Castle®, Ms. Pac-Man®, New Rally X®, Pac-Man Plus®, Pengo®, Phoenix®, Pinball Action®, Pleiads®, Pooyan®, Scramble®, Shao Lin’s Road®, Space Panic®, Super Breakout®, Super Cobra®, Super Pac-Man®, Tank Battalion®, The End®, Time Pilot®, Van Van Car®, & Zaxxon®.


Classic Game Collection 2 with Defender®, Stargate®, Bubbles®, Joust®, Robotron®, Blaster®, Splat®, Rally X®, Battle City®, Mario Bros.®, New Rally X®, Ghost’n Goblins®, Soloman’s Key®, Gradius®, Sky Kid®, Ice Climber®, Super Mario Bros.®, Do! RunRun®, & Kick Rider®.


The Arcade Classics Cocktail Table is Protected with a 

Comprehensive Five Year Warranty & includes Free Fast Shipping

to the lower 48 states.


Experience Hours of Thrilling Arcade Competition
“Game On” Enjoy Your’s Today!

Fantastic Reviews!
“WOW! This item is even better than described. A+ Super Fast Delivery!”
“Awesome Game, Fast Shipment, Great Communication … My Game Room is complete!”
“Fast delivery. Helpful getting game set up. Great experience!”

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